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#1 Quality Day Old Chicks Hatchery & Importers in Ghana

Healthy Day Old Chicks For Motherland Ghana


    We import directly from Europe, some of the best DOC, layers, and broilers of different varieties into the country


    With the imported foreign parents, Halaalfarms hatches some of the best day-old chicks in the country, fully vaccinated and healthy chicks


    Other hatcheries in Ghana depend on Halaalfarms for the supply of quality fertile eggs for their hatcheries


    We supply quality fertile eggs to restaurants, markets and businesses as well as dressed broiler meat

    day old chicks suppliers in ghana
    day old chicks hatchery and suppliers in ghana

    Imported Day Old Chicks From Europe

    Over 5 years Halaalfarms helping poultry farmers in Ghana reach their financial and branding goals.

     At Halaalfarms Ghana. 

    Healthy and affordable day-old chicks in Ghana are our priority. we do our best to make sure our customers keep coming back. we offer free consultations and coaching to poultry farmers especially newbies.

    We are one of the leading growing day old chicks suppliers in Ghana, trusted by our customers for quality and excellence. We have energetic and nice-looking healthy parents of commercial day old chicks layers and broilers from approved and accredited farms, plus imported.

    You may count on us for Egg suppliers and dressed chickens. We’ve been a long-time member of well-known foreign poultry hatcheries as importers of day-old chicks parents stocks and fertile eggs with varieties of DOC, and you may also count on us for the supplies of quails, turkeys, guinea fowls ETC. 

    Register on our website to receive free updates and tips on poultry farming for newbies. Fill out our online forms, chat with us or call us to place your orders now.

    Halaalfarms is one of the trusted hatcheries in Ghana. we have been in the business for a long time

    day old chicks hatchery and suppliers in ghana

    Quality Day Old Chicks Hatched in Ghana

    Here at Halaalfarms Ghana, we want to become one of the leading suppliers of healthy, affordable, and energetic day-old chicks not only in Ghana but in Africa. For this reason, we have gathered a competent and effective team that will ensure that we meet and even surpass our customers’ expectations with our products and services. 

    Hatchery for one-day old chicks of layer breeds

    Our local layer one day-old-chicks originate from our own hatcheries in Ghana, with the parents birds imported from Belgium, Holland and Germany. The combination of self-managed production and excellent quality of the layer hatching eggs consistently delivers vital and healthy day-old chicks with a high maternal immunity from well known poultry poultry diseases.

    Mordern Hatchery Incubators

    Our modern hatcheries are headed by experienced hatchery managers here in Ghana. The hatching eggs are carefully selected, arranged and sorted according to weight and set in advanced Hatch Tech German incubators. The hatch takes place within an exceptionally short time frame under 24/7 watch (narrow hatch window), resulting in vital chicks of uniform size.

    Healthy Chicks 24/7/365 Always

    Our hatcheries in Ghana apply the most stringent hygiene standards, conditions and feature modern equipment for the administration of vaccinations (against IB, Marek, NCD, Gumboro, Coccidiose and others diseases) and for beak treatment (laser technology), to ensure successful results

    Broiler day-old chicks

    The premium quality of our broiler day old chicks and hatching eggs is the basis for vital and healthy broiler chicks and eggs. Our efficient planning ensures that we can deliver both small and large volumes within short time frames nation wide.

    Table Eggs

    Our layers lay over 90% and our eggs supply continue daily, for restaurants, markets, private individuals etc, if you need table eggs for business, kindly get in touch with Halaalfarms

    Point of Lay and Cocks

    Farmers interested in buying point of lay to skip the hustle of having to take manage day old chicks can have healthy point of lay or few weeks old layers at affordable price from Halaalfarms or simply walk in for cocks at affordable price


    Top Chicken Hatchery For Better Chickens

    We have experience working with large and small firms and are ready to
    develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for your farm.

    why choose us

    Work with a Dedicated
    & Experienced Farming Company in Ghana.

    Nation Wide Delivery

    We supply quality day old chicks nation including Kumasi, Tamale, Easten Region of Ghana, Central Region, Capecoast, Bolgatanga, Upper West, Upper West, Brong Ahafo, Volta Region, Western Region, Ashanti Region, Volta Region, Greater Accra. etc 

    Transport Safety

    All DOC are carefully packaged and we ensure all our clients receive their DOC safely and perfect condition

    Method of Payment

    Halaalfarms Ghana is open and accept major form of payment. Cash, Mobile Money, Bank Transfer are the mojor payment method we accept.

    Offer Consultations and Assistance

    We've helped thousands of farmers especially newbies from start to finish with setting up of their farms including veterinary boot officers. Talk to us today for solution to your farming concern

    day old chicks hatchery and suppliers in ghana

    Halaalfarms Ghana For Quality Chickens, Meat & Eggs

    *Things to consider when buying Day Old Chicks*
    *The chicks should be known for high production and quality.
    *The chicken breed should be well known, trusted, and adapted to the area and selected management system.
    *The price of chicks is also what you need to consider.
    *The hatchery should be a reliable source of healthy, strong and disease-free day old chicks 
    We specialize in hatching both purebreed and hybrid chicks, our parents stock are imported from Netherland, Belgium and Germany, this insures that we deliver quality and healthy birds that will grow faster and disease free, we make sure our customers receive exactly what they ordered or expect to receive from us, because we want to be your long time day old chicks suppliers in Ghana and build trust. Poultry farmers in Ghana by large, those who ordered from Halaalfarms Ghana are happy for our products. 
    We deliver nationwide and help provide necessary consultation and assistance needed by our customers. 
    We work hand in hand with our customers to ensure they achieve high profitability in the end
    Simply call us and talk to us and we are here for your day old chicks in Ghana and working for your meat, eggs and profit.
    we are working hard to be in the lead as one of the top suppliers of healthy DAY OLD CHICKS IN GHANA with varieties of birds including day old broilers, day old layers, day old plymouth rock, day old barred rock, day old australorp layers, quails, turkeys, as one of largest egg suppliers in
    real testimonials

    What They
    Say About Our

    Joe Buadi
    Halaalfarms was unbelievably helpful to me and my farm when i wanted day old chicks suppliers in Ghana and hatching eggs. The day old chicks broilers and layers i received were healthy and grow fast wihout any worries, after i ordered more and more and more,very affordable, anytime i needed something, halaalfarms has it. I will be purchasing from them always. i recommend halaalfarms to all poultry farms in Ghana
    Joe Buadi
    Poultry Farmer Obuasi
    Kojo Tetteh
    are you looking for day old chicks importers in Ghana? look no more, I got my first day old chicks layers and broilers from Halaalfarms and i love it, they were amazing and healthy and lay very large beautiful eggs at 95%. I will always recommend Halaalfarms to any poultry farmers in Ghana.
    Kojo Tetteh
    Poultry Layer Farmer Kumasi
    Nyamekye Adom
    Halaalfarms is really one of the best farms i every came accross, the customer service is great and i got my day old chicks exactly as i wanted and t hey are performing very well, i recomment Halaalfarms anytime.
    Nyamekye Adom
    Poultry Farmer Kasoa