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#1 Best Day Old Chicks Sellers in Ghana

We are proud to be one of the best day-old chicks sellers in Ghana and helping farmers for over 10 years, get massive results and high return on investment ROI by by getting your high quality and well vaccinated day old chicks in Ghana from us

    Affordable day old chicks in Ghana for sale in Ghana at Halaalfarms

    If you’re looking to buy day old chicks in Ghana, or set up a new chicken farm, but want to keep your costs low, getting day old chicks from the hatchery may be an excellent option for you. At least one hatchery in Ghana has started to sell day old chicks at affordable prices to make starting your own farm easier than ever before. Learn more about the details of this program and how it will help your operation grow in the future.

    day old chicks hatchery and suppliers in ghana

    Price of day old chicks in Ghana

    Day old chicks used to be sold cheap to make it affordable for people who want to raise them. You can sell day old chick by auction as well; if you have thousand of them hatched and not sold in time, an average price can be 7.0-10 GhC per chicken. In Ghana, you will find high quality and affordableday old chicks from Halaal farms. At halaalfarms we sell 100% day-old broilers or layers. You can buy these babies if you reside within accra or its environs (nungua – Adenta – pesebre – etc.) and we also transport them nation wide for farmers outside Accra. If you do not live near Accra then we deliver them to your doorstep. Our day old chickens are fed with balanced diet which is important because they are very vulnerable when they first come out of their eggs and therefore need special care and feeding so that they develop properly. We guarantee that our day old chickens have been fed with fresh food on time so that they grow fast and healthy unlike other breeders who feed their day olds twice a day or three times a week! They may claim otherwise but don’t believe in lies! So far we have delivered over 1000000+ day olds without any complaint from our customers because we give what our customers expect from us. All of our deliveries are made using temperature-controlled vehicles.

    day old chicks hatchery and suppliers in ghana

    Price of day old layer is 9.0 ghc

    Day old layers are ready to start laying eggs right away after 4 to 5 months. They reach a mature weight of 4–5 kg after 12–18 weeks and they have a shelf life of 18 months. We sell day old layers alongside our day old broilers which have been bred to grow quickly (20–22 days). We also stock pullets, young birds that aren’t quite ready to lay but are ideal if you want them to start producing eggs as soon as possible. At 0.5-0.8kg they need less room and food than hens that have already started laying, so they’re ideal if you don’t yet have space or equipment for larger breeds.

    day old chicks hatchery and suppliers in ghana

    Why Halaalfarms is the best seller of day old chicks in Ghana

    Quality and price. Day Old Broilers (DOBs) and day old layers (DOLs) are a great way to start up a profitable poultry farm with minimum cash outlay and no prior experience. At HALAAL Farms, we sell only vaccinated and high quality chickens so you get healthy stock to begin with. We take pride in our products and will never compromise on them. Our DOBs and DOLs are delivered fresh to your doorsteps within 24 hours of hatching. In addition, we deliver them free of charge anywhere within Accra Metropolis because we believe that nothing should stand between you and your dream of starting a successful business venture. We guarantee delivery time because it is one of our core values at HALAAL Farms. We know that time is money! Therefore, we have designed our business model around these principles which has made us one of the most trusted suppliers of day old broilers in Ghana today! Give us a call or send an email if you want to know more about how affordable day old chicks can be!

    day old chicks hatchery and suppliers in ghana

    Factors affecting prices of day old chicks in Ghana

    Most people are not familiar with what goes into keeping day old chicks alive. This is because most of us do not know about broiler chickens and how they are bred to produce meat of the finest quality. When we buy day old chicks from local shops or supermarket, it is important to note that there’s a range of hidden costs when raising a chick before you can start making money out of them. All these factors affect the price of day old broilers we pay in stores, here’s what some factors include The Price of Broiler Chicks – Each store has their own price which is influenced by demand, competition and availability. The more popular your local shop becomes among customers, the higher prices go up. It may also happen that due to a shortage in supply or any other reason beyond your control, prices may increase as well.

    The Cost of Feeding Broiler Chickens –


    Some places sell day old chicks on a no-feeding basis but if you intend to raise them for profit then be prepared to shell out extra cash on food supplies like feeder crumbs and water bottles etc… So always find out if you will need any extra supplies besides purchasing the chicken itself before buying them.

    day old chicks hatchery and suppliers in ghana

    Raising day olds

    Raising day old chicks is a good option if you want to raise chickens, but don’t have the time to start with eggs. Day olds are easier to raise than adult chickens since they are smaller and easier to handle. You will also not need any special equipment or housing when raising day olds as compared to adult chickens, which require bigger coops and areas that can keep them warm during cold seasons. The main problem with raising day old chicks is that they are very fragile especially during their first few days, so you have to be careful with handling them. This can be achieved by simply keeping a bucket of hot water nearby and dipping your hands into it every now and then, because baby birds do not yet produce body heat themselves. As long as you take care of these tiny babies, they should grow up healthy and strong.

    day old chicks hatchery and suppliers in ghana

    Questions to ask when buying day olds

    You should do your research when you are going to buy day olds. There are several things that you need to consider before actually purchasing your poultry such as: 1. Sex: When it comes to keeping chickens, one sex is usually preferred over another. For example, some people have hens and others have roosters. That’s because roosters tend to be more aggressive and annoying than hens, making them undesirable pets.

    2. Age: The age of your chicken will play a big role in determining whether or not it will make a good pet for you or not . The younger ones tend to be more tame and can even be handled easier, while older ones could require more effort on your part

    3.Day Old Chicks – These are baby chickens which means they have just hatched from an egg after only twenty-one days. This is sometimes referred to as DOP (day old poultry). They are delicate creatures, requiring a lot of care and proper environment including temperature regulation, food and light since they cannot see very well yet. Day Old Chicks – DOP however get used quite fast so don’t worry about them flying off anytime soon

    4. Size: Are you planning on having your birds inside? If yes then stick with small breeds, medium breeds if you plan on building a coop outside

    5- Temperament: These might not seem like much but believe me they really matter! The temperament of your chicken will determine how easy it will be to handle and whether or not it will be aggressive towards people. For example, some breeds tend to be more docile than others such as Silkies or Polish.

    6- Price: The price of these can vary depending on where you live . Some places might charge more than others due to their location, availability or popularity

    7- Age of the breed as they mature: How long do they live? Do they die easily or do they tend to live longer than other breeds?

    8- Availability : Where can I buy them? some day old chicks hatcheries in Ghana don’t fulful their demands and are always in short of supply of chicks as demand increases daily

    day old chicks suppliers in ghana

    Things to consider before getting day olds chicks

    Purchasing day-old baby chickens, or chicks as they are commonly referred to, is an exciting new experience and can be a great way to start a small chicken farm with limited capital. However, it is very important that you have a good plan before embarking on such an endeavor. This guide will help walk you through some of your potential options and risks when trying to buy cheap chick day olds online while providing tips on how you can be better prepared. We hope you find it helpful!
    Day Old Chicks – An Introduction: Baby chickens, also known as chicks or day-olds are usually only one day old upon purchase. If allowed to grow up without human intervention they would become full grown adult chickens within 4–5 months. The term day-old simply refers to their age, not their size. They should ideally weigh about 3 ounces each (the weight of a standard sized paperclip). Many people choose to purchase day-olds because there is little risk involved; if anything goes wrong (such as being sent unhealthy birds) then it was just money lost and not years invested into caring for mature animals.

    day old chicks hatchery and suppliers in ghana

    We import day-old chicks, parent stock and fertile eggs from Europe which is good for growing meat, egg production and also very affordable for chicken farmers across Ghana to purchase them. We sell all different types of chickens. The price ranges from 8 – 15 GH¢ depending on quantity and type of chicken one chooses. We also supply some essential equipment like feeders and waterers to grow your business either as a poultry farmer or breeding farm. We deliver anywhere in Ghana.