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Discover the best day-old chicks hatchery in Ghana, offering exceptional quality and a wide selection of poultry breeds. From broilers to layers, our hatchery is dedicated to delivering healthy, vibrant day-old chicks to help you build a thriving flock. With our commitment to superior genetics, expert care, and reliable delivery, we are your trusted partner in poultry farming success. Start your journey with us and experience the difference of the finest day-old chicks in Ghana

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10+ Years Of Undefeated Successful DOC Hatchery

We are Ghana’s best layers and broilers day-old chicks suppliers and importers nationwide. If you are looking for a trusted hatchery where you can buy quality and vaccinated DOC. Halaalfarms is 100% your one-stop


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Quality Day Old Chicks Layers from Halaalfarms

Superior Broiler Day-Old Chicks: Unlock Your Poultry Farm's Success in Ghana

Revolutionize your poultry production in Ghana with our top-of-the-line broiler and layer day-old chicks. Our chicks are bred to perfection, prioritizing health and well-being with stringent biosecurity measures and vaccination against common diseases. Achieve record time higher weights, rapid growth, excellent feed conversion, egg production, and superior meat quality to maximize your farm’s profitability.

Are you ready to take your poultry farm to new heights of success? 

Look no further! Our top-of-the-line broiler day-old chicks are here to revolutionize your poultry production in Ghana.

Our broilers and layers day-old chicks are bred to perfection, boasting exceptional genetics that results in rapid growth, excellent feed conversion, eggs productions, and superior meat quality. With our chicks, you can maximize your farm’s profitability by achieving higher weights in record time.

We prioritize the health and well-being of our chicks, implementing stringent biosecurity measures to ensure disease-free flocks. Each chick is vaccinated against common diseases, equipping them with a robust immune system from day one.

Mordern Hatchery Machines

Foreign Incubators for Optimal Results

At our Halaalfarms, we combine cutting-edge technology with extensive expertise to ensure the highest standards of quality. Our experienced team meticulously monitors every aspect of the hatching process, guaranteeing the delivery of healthy, active, and uniform chicks to your farm.

Partnering with us means more than just receiving exceptional chicks. We provide comprehensive support, including personalized guidance on breed selection, nutrition, and farm management practices. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary for optimal growth and profitability.

Halaalfarms Day Old Chicks Best Practices

Quality Eggs:

Hallalfarms starts with high-quality eggs from reputable sources. These eggs are clean, of proper size, and free from any defects or cracks.


The eggs are carefully placed in a reliable incubator that maintains optimal temperature, humidity, and ventilation throughout the incubation period. Hallalfarms monitors these parameters closely to ensure a suitable environment for embryo development.

Egg Turning:

Hallalfarms follows a regular schedule for turning the eggs during incubation. This helps prevent the embryo from sticking to the eggshell and promotes uniform development.

Hatching Environment:

As the chicks approach the hatching stage, Hallalfarms prepares a clean and comfortable hatching environment. This includes providing a warm and well-ventilated area with suitable bedding material.


At specific intervals, the eggs are candled. This involves shining a light through the shell to assess the embryo's development and viability. Any eggs showing abnormalities or lack of development are removed.

Assistance during Hatching:

Hallalfarms closely monitors the hatching process and provides minimal assistance if required. This may involve helping chicks out of the shell if they are struggling or have difficulty hatching on their own.

Post-Hatch Care:

After hatching, the chicks are transferred to brooders equipped with heat sources to maintain an appropriate temperature. They are provided with clean water, high-quality feed, and adequate space to move and grow. By following these practices, Hallalfarms ensures that both local and foreign hatched chicks receive the best care and have the highest chances of healthy growth and development.

Why Farmers Choose Our Day-Old Chicks: Unmatched Quality and Service

Farmers Friend

Farmers choose our day-old chicks for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, we offer unmatched quality that sets us apart from other suppliers. Our hatchery operates under strict quality control measures, ensuring that every chick is healthy, vigorous, and free from any genetic abnormalities or diseases. We prioritize the well-being of our chicks, providing them with optimal nutrition, proper vaccination, and a clean, comfortable environment for their initial growth stages.

Farmers Friend

Proud of our brand when it comes to day old chicks and hatcery in Ghana

HalaalFarms is considered one of the best hatcheries for chickens, layers, broilers, and specific breeds like Black Australorp and Plymouth Rock for several reasons. Here are some factors that contribute to their reputation

Quality Assurance:

HalaalFarms is known for its commitment to maintaining high-quality standards throughout their operations. They prioritize the health and well-being of their birds, ensuring they are bred and raised in optimal conditions. This dedication to quality results in healthy and robust chicks.

Expertise and Experience:

HalaalFarms boasts a team of experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge and expertise in poultry farming. They understand the intricacies of breeding and hatching various chicken breeds, allowing them to produce high-quality chicks consistently.

Breed Selection:

HalaalFarms offers a diverse range of breeds, including layers, broilers, Black Australorps, and Plymouth Rocks, among others. By providing a wide selection, they cater to the specific needs and preferences of different customers, whether they are looking for egg-laying hens or meat-producing broilers.

Genetic Improvement:

The hatchery places importance on genetic improvement programs, which involve careful selection and breeding of parent stock to enhance desirable traits in their chicks. This focus on genetic improvement ensures that customers receive healthy chicks with desirable characteristics such as good growth rates, high egg production, or specific breed standards.

Fast Delivery

We are committed to providing excellent service and delivering healthy, well-cared-for chicks. Our strict veterinary protocols and expert care ensure that all our chicks are happy, stress-free, and ready to start their new life with their new owner. We take our responsibility to provide healthy chicks very seriously and are dedicated to ensuring every customer receives only the best quality and the highest satisfaction.


We supply only high-quality products for farms and day old chicks, sourcing from trusted suppliers that meet industry standards. Our team maintains safety and uses only approved drugs in our processes. Trust us for the best products to achieve the results you need.


Committed To Keep Chicks Healthy & Safe

We provide high-quality chicks in Ghana. We ensure their health and growth by giving them top-quality care, nutrition, and medical support. Our team of professionals is dedicated to creating a safe, clean, and nurturing environment for them to thrive. Choose us for your chick needs and enjoy the best quality and customer satisfaction.

We Follow Best Hatching Practices

We prioritize best hatching practices to produce healthy, strong chicks. Ideal incubation conditions, proper egg handling, and close monitoring ensure a great start in life. We strive for excellence, meeting customer demand and bettering the poultry industry. Our unwavering commitment to best practices means healthier, happier, thriving birds.

Whar Our Clients Say


day old chicks

Farm Manager Kumasi

Kwame Danso

I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Halaal Farms as a day-old chicks hatchery in Ghana. The quality of their chicks is exceptional, and they have a wide variety of breeds to choose from. The chicks are healthy, robust, and have a high survival rate. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to assist. I highly recommend Halaal Farms for anyone looking for the best day-old chicks in Ghana."

doc ghana

Farm Owner

Baffour Z.

Halaal Farms is hands down the best day-old chicks hatchery in Ghana. I have been purchasing chicks from them for years, and I have never been disappointed. The chicks are always of top-notch quality, and they have a fantastic growth rate. Halaal Farms' attention to detail and commitment to producing healthy and disease-free chicks is commendable. Their customer service is also exceptional, making the entire buying process a breeze. I wouldn't trust any other hatchery with my poultry needs."

Layers Farmer Easten Region

Emilia L.

I recently started my poultry farm, and choosing Halaal Farms as my day-old chicks supplier was the best decision I made. The chicks I received were strong, active, and free from any health issues. Halaal Farms' strict biosecurity measures ensure that the chicks are disease-free, giving me peace of mind. The team at Halaal Farms is professional, responsive, and always ready to provide guidance and support. I'm grateful to have found such a reliable hatchery in Ghana. for broilers, layers and other breeds"

day old broilers

Farm Manager Accra

Ann Smith

"Halaal Farms has set the bar high for day-old chicks hatcheries in Ghana. The quality of their chicks is unmatched. They prioritize the welfare of the birds and ensure that they receive proper nutrition and care from day one. This attention to detail translates into healthy and robust chicks that thrive in my poultry farm. The ordering process is smooth, and the delivery is prompt. Halaal Farms has earned my trust and loyalty as the best hatchery for day-old chicks in Ghana."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Halaalfarms is a successful local business in Ghana, known for breeding healthy chicks. Musah, the man behind the enterprise, is committed to contributing to the growth and sustainability of the agriculture sector in Ghana. Halaalfarms is proof of Musah’s dedication to empowering the local community and creating job opportunities for farmers. The company has a solid reputation for providing high-quality chicks, making it a reliable and trustworthy hatchery serving businesses and customers throughout Ghana.

Halaalfarms can be located at Kasoa  in the central region of Ghana, you can reach Halaalfarms on phone on 0249151503

Halaalfarms ship day old chicks nationwide including Kumasi, Accra, Central region, Easten Region, Brong Ahafo, Northern Region etc.

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